August 21st, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

it's a morning of many links

Okay, when I joke about protective hysterical amnesia after reading certain fic?

That is real!!!!!

Or so a chat a year ago seems to imply, when I was like "I HAVE READ THIS THING WITH ****-***** and there was ** ****** **** and OH MY GOD I WILL NEVER BE CLEAN AGAIN.

And she shows me a conversation....

(wait. I need to take a minute.



A conversation. Where we. Talked. About. This. Story.

I'd poll on my rapidly degenerating cognitive processes, but it would be far too depressing.

Right. Onward to other things.


amireal mulls fic tropes: make that *a* fic trope - There needs to be more coming out fic. This used to be a BIG THEME a few fandoms ago, but themes, as we know, come and go. Today it's wings, a few years ago it was pretending to be gay FOR THE GOOD OF THE UNIVERSE.

So I crave old themes in my new fandoms. Mmm. Coming out fic.

I don't just mean "We're gay now!" fic. But-- John is accused of murder and Rodney is his alibi! Only it was night time and they were sleeping together!

Or or! John and Rodney are trying to live their lives after atlantis and they run into parents/siblings/exwives/old classmates etc!

I really like the murder one. Or ooh--both of them accused. Or Rodney or John accused of fathering some alien savior!

Seriously. Where the hell are the saviors? Considering worship of the Ancients? There should be holy born kids already.

(it's already been a long day. I woke up late. My shirt is not dry. It happens.)

Random Questions

There was this fic. Not the bdsm ones. It wasn't in SGA. But it was this entire universe that was gay. And--that probably hits a lot of stories, doesn't it? *sighs* I think this one was possibly in Stargate SG1--i read it, er, about five years agoish.

Random Recs

Extremes by Melanie. Star Trek: Voyager, Paris/Torres, Paris/Kim, Paris/Torres/Kim.

Okay. When I say "gay-making environment", it sounds silly, but this one is kind of cool. They go to this planet, where--okay, I'll quote.

"I went to the Captain to ask permission to ask to study your people," he
informed them. "You're fascinating. You have the same outward appearance as
Earth Humans, but certain factors about you-"

The Pagenisians nodded knowingly and Wani interrupted him. "It is the fact
that our entire population is homosexual."

"That always is of great curiosity for any off-worlders," Sno chimed in.

"Well, it *is* rather unusual," the EMH admitted. "Homosexuality exists in
our home quadrant, yet only on an individual to individual basis, not an entire
planetary population. The closest there is to it is a small number of species
that are androgynous. However, all of them have been androgynous since their
species began to evolve. At least, as far as we have been able to discover. We
don't have any species that exclusively are homosexual. And according to the
Captain, your people were *heterosexual* until forty-seven generations ago when
everyone made a conscious decision to become homosexual? We have never
encountered a culture like yours before. For centuries, scientists have been
attempting and failing to explain, in scientific terms, incidents of
homosexuality in *individuals*. In an *entire planet*, that's more complicated.
It is quite the mystery from a sociological as well as biological point of

The authors' website is down, and I couldn't find it in Trekiverse (which granted, is not the most easily navigatable archive in history), so used wayback. It does make interesting use of the Prime Directive. This also qualifies as literally the first slash story I ever, ever, ever read. Yes. I remember being very surprised.

If anyone has an alternative link, I'd love a better one.


I should do work at work today. Let me consider this thoroughly.