August 16th, 2007

awesome bunny

from the far reaches of things i do not want to admit


Icon courtesy of the marvelous flambeau. The most. Adorable. Bunny. Icon. Ever.


B. Right. My badfic.

Okay, an explanation. There are several fics of mine I dislike, and a few I'd burn if the internet's memory wasn't quite so long and I hadn't been all "yes, archive as you please!" during my formative years of fandom. Because some are copied like in five places, and in perhaps one or two other languages, and okay, must stop now.

Worst fic. Below cut. This is what we call "embarassment squick".

Collapse )

We shall never speak of this again. I'm going to go try and drown myself in the rain. Because it is raining. Again. As a symbol of my angst. You see? Deep.

ETA 2: Huh. miss_porcupine is right. I just did Badfic DVD Commentary. Am I the first? Can I name it after myself? Please? Please? Please?

(also, will go through and fix my spelling on my commentary in a bit.)

I should totally imbed an audio file of Carnival in this sucker.