August 7th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

the time has come to speak of many things....

To move into a more fannish, less trauma space (though I note that despite the deeply personal and moving responses from livejournal promising some kind of word last night, there was in fact no word of any kind)--I really want a new layout for my webpage.

(If this is not the coolest, coolest, coolest thing in the history of ever, I will--wonder what is coolest.)

The problem is, of course, my webpage is--kind of. Well. I don't do a lot *there*. It's more a fic repository. An archive--ish thing, if you will. It is functional and officially works in most browsers, is fairly easy to read, and is not stressing to update. I can, literally, update that baby in my sleep. To be fair, I was in a time period where my three priorites were:

A.) can update in sleep.
B.) do not have to learn Adobe Photoshop again for pictures.
C.) will not traumatize a dial-up modem (which I had at the time).

But it is not pretty.

Now, this is where things get tricky.

Historically, when I feel vaguely motivated to do a whole bunch of updates and changes, I make it--er. Unreadable. Or I crash it. Or I end up taking it back to notetab and stripping all the HTML out to redo it again into something easy. Or I go through a semi-goth black-background/grey-text/cream link phase. Please, in the name of God, do not ask what was up with that. I was doing that shit with frames. Though it *was* pretty. It was also kind of like some kind of come-down from an acid trip, too.

But *pretty*.


I really want to do a three-column for everything but the actual stories. Except--I have no idea what to do with that third column. Maybe random red boxes for no particular reason?
children of dune - leto 1

wombat city

Poll #1034926 Yes. I am *that* bored

So the next Room story--whose pov?

Rodney - possible slap fight between Rodney and Candace!
Teyla - could worriedly try to talk to Rodney about his feelings!
John - I--have no idea how he'll deal with this other than trying to electrocute Rodney thinking he's possessed by a very kind goa'uld!
...are you seriously *polling on this*? Really? See comments.

In closing--yes. I should get out more.

I've decided I need to work my way up to getting a pony. So for now, I would like a wombat. A happy wombat.

ETA: John? Really?