August 5th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


Er, for the record....

If you are suddenly receiving an answer from feedback two years ago? Yeah. I went to answer one today and--well. There are others there. Waiting. Er, I'm sorry?

Yeah. *facepalm* No idea what's up with that. I'm feeling vaguely I should go through every fic I posted and see if there's--y'know, more out there.

...God. How could I miss *this many*?

sadly, i could not find a mood for bitter

So I give up. I'm privatizing some of my smallville fic and a few others.

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I want this not to be a *problem*. I just can't quite conceptualize how fan fiction is more dangerous than the Barnes and Noble romance section.


Privatized these--if they are on my website, I have the alternates beneath the cut, in case you were linking to here.

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I'll update here with any further removals.

God. It's so *stupid*. I'm getting freakishly emotional about this. I keep having to stop and think it's really not a big deal. Except for some reason right now, it feels like a big deal.