August 2nd, 2007

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Life ending bad mood and cramps.

I have this tiny little rubber skeleton from Halloween. I'm overcome with the urge to throw it at anyone who walks by my cubicle. Attached to a plague of some kind. Bubonic, perhaps. *bares teeth*

2007 DVD Commentary Challenge

Annnnd--it's that time again!

The The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge! Moderated by yours truly and the charming general_jinjur who agreed to help set this up again. We should get a catchy name. Sepinjur DVD Challenge. Jinjeris DVD Challenge. Something catchy.

It's like puppies! And candy! And a way for me to stop thinking dark thoughts on high calibre weapons when the motrin? So does not work.

Pulled from last year, pretty much the same, some updates.


The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge!

The rules are slightly different from the normal DVD commentary. This is a commentary on another author's work.

The Rules

1.) Any fandom and any pairing or lack of pairing thereof is welcome.

2.) One DVD commentary per story--if you know what story you want to comment on, post with title and author. A dozen commentaries on The Greatest Fic Ever is nice, but let's go for variety and breadth.

3.) You must have author permission. I want this as fun, not as trauma. You can call a story first if you're worried about getting it before someone else does, but permission is a must for the challenge.

4.) Deadline for submissions is 10/1/2007, 11:59 PM CST. There is no deadline for sign-up.

5.) The minimum is one commentary. I mean, if you're taking on the five hundred thousand word epic of wonder in your commentary, I'm not asking more than that. No upper limit, however. Do as many as you like, in as many fandoms as you like.

6.) All commentaries are hosted (or at least linked to), dvd_commentary. I'd prefer posting directly to the community. If you want to post it to your lj as well, I only ask you wait until October 7, 2007 to give it a minimum of a week up at the comm.

7.) You can post your commentaries as soon as you wish.

8.) Anything I've written or cowritten is disqualified from this challenge.

Okay! You're done! Choose your story and go at it! Or rather, use these links.

(I'm keeping this part in my lj to keep the comm itself just for actual commentaries and indexes to commentaries.)


Sign up here with your name and the story and author you want to commentary. This is first-come, first-serve, though I will keep a running list in the post itself of chosen fics. You can sign up more than once.


Sign up here if you are an author that's fine with your story being commentaried. I have no idea if that is an actual word, no. Just roll with it.


All commentaries, or links to commentaries, should be posted to dvd_commentary. Please use the (newly!) standard header in the body:


For the subject line of the post:

Title by author, commentary by {your name here}.

Ratings, warnings, and summaries are optional. If the commentary is taking more than one entry, remember to link them. Have fun. And trust me, these are serious fun. For examples of different styles of DVD commentaries, check out the community and browse to your heart's content.

Any questions? Ask here. Everything else? Those two entries.

Have a great time!
children of dune - leto 1

2007 DVD Commentary Challenge - Commentator Sign-Up

DVD Commentary Challenge - Commentator Sign-Up

Please sign up here for the stories you wish to comment on. There's no limit, but if you think you're not going to be able to do one you thought you would, not a problem, just tell us so we can remove it from the list.

ADDED: Please give title, author, fandom, and link to the story so we can keep track easily.

List of claimed stories can be found here. general_jinjur will be compiling and sorting all claimed fic, so any questions, feel free to ask.

To figure out what this is all about, click here.

You can also check under the tag DVD Commentary Challenge.

All right! Have fun!
crimes two

2007 DVD Commentary Challenge - Author Sign-Up

DVD Commentary Challenge - Author Sign-Up

Please post here if you are an author that is okay with your stories being commentaried. If you really want to make everyone intensely happy? Also please link to your webpage/story location/memories/place of story residence.

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To figure out what this is all about, click here.

You can also check under the tag DVD Commentary Challenge.

All right! Have fun!

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strikethrough 2007 round two?

Okay, checking something.


Okay, this is new.


Quickly reorganizing the links.


This can't end well.

Quoted from the post:

Has there been more Strikethrough nonsense going on or something, and I've somehow missed the wank? Because it is very odd, she's not strkethrough'ed, just... de-LJ'd (ponderosa121), but she's very definitely suspended.

Dude. Are we malfunctioning?

[edit] Oh, evil twin. She was blissfully unaware, and her response to the deleted? "Huh."



Apparently, she's been suspended over a drawing posted on pornish_pixies cited to contain "minors in explicit sexual situations." Probably some Snape/Harry. And since there's no appeal system... well. In a show of evil twin solidarity, I'm most likely jumping ship to GreatestJournal. We're both over there, under the exact same names.

Read the post, including thoughts on creating a new community for fanpeople.


Also read here, Fandomtossed


Aja on the latest suspensions.

We have latest suspensions. Should I be ready for Memorial Day weekend?


1.) Er. So we can no longer see a strikethrough. You know what? That is beyond a bad sign.

2.) I--er, I have nothing.

I am wondering if I need to check my userinfo now every day. Maybe do a print out just in case.


svmadelyn found it.

Lj Releases

Among others:

* Un-linking user tags for deleted/suspended users
* Hiding deleted/suspended journals from profiles (unless you're looking at your own, or looking at the full profile view)

*slow blinking*

What? Why?

(that's really a rhetorical question at this point, isn't it?)

ETA 2:

ponderosa121 just posted to her GJ here on the situation.

People are asking about the situation on news here (looks like it's starting on page six).