July 25th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

help. help. help.

Help plz. CSS trying to kill me. In a very geeky way.

Okay, I set up a CSS with all links are bold, red. Problem: the a name links for internal page jumps are *also* red and bold now. Is there a way to fix this from the style sheet or do I need to do an in-line for this page to stop that from happening? Is there a way to differentiate A HREF from A Name?

Style sheet below cut.

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children of dune - leto 1

pondering the great scattering

You know, this thing going around LJ feels vaguely like the fannish equivalent of leaving a forwarding address.

If I vanish mysteriously, I am at seperis.newsite.com place!

OTOH, if we do have a fannish migration, I've decided that instead of seperis, there will be the rise of a new fangirl. I will call her Bob.

In this day and age, it's just too hard to change identities suddenly. People catch you. There are IP things. And well, let's face it, sometimes Certain Things kind of stand out--oh, say, saying your country of origin is Chile, you love Clex, and you keep friending herohunter, for example. Not that I'm talking about anything specific.

But this. With the Mad Scramble across a billion blogging sites (seriously, y'all? Let's get together and *vote* or something to see who we honor with our underaged porn presence), people will get lost. People will change names. Just think--you're sitting there, oh, two years after the--hmm. Need a name here. Ah. "The Great Fannish Scattering". Yes.--after The Great Fannish Scattering. We'll call it Scat for short.

...hmm. No, we won't. Go back.

The Great Fannish Scattering. It's two years later. You are sipping latte and thinking about your flying car (seriously, where are the flying cars already?) and your upcoming vacation to Mars for the new MediaWestinSpace convention. And you are talking to BetsyBoom. Your bestest friend ever. And you are hitting wayback machine, as people do. And you discover--

BETSYBOOM IS YOUR MORTAL ENEMY SUPERHARRYSLUT (not referring to actual person by name of superharryslut. Seriously. Is there a superharryslut?)!

You remember it all. She told you that your astral marriage to Harry Potter was invalid because she already married him there! She posted obviously photoshopped pictures of the honeymoon (you know photoshopped fakes, unlike yours, which were Divinely Inspired by His Heroness). Flame after flame. Picture after picture. Terrifyingly detailed narratives of intimate astral trysts. She touched his astral robe! Whore.

But she's your best friend now!

You see how this can only end in tragedy. there's a lesson in this I hope you all walk away from thinking about very seriously. The first would be, check out your polygamous astral plane husband's history first. Second--well. Hide better. And some other stuff.

For your assignment: imagine you are the person I didn't name, but the pov of this little story. What do you do when confronted with SUPERHARRYSLUT aka BetsyBoom's real identity? And no, astral plane assassinations are not acceptable. Those fuck up your karma, yo.

I worry about these things.