July 18th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

oh life. you kill me. no, really.

So winner for the weekly prize for hypochondria--I freaked out when I realized I had a tiny bit of chest congestion!!!!!

Ended up sleeping from 2:30 PM on Tuesday until roughly 9:30 PM, got up long enough to check my email and sneeze copiously, eat, whimper, and then go back to bed until 7:30 AM. I'm like some sad ball of unproductivity.

I really wish my zen were closer to the skin these days and not, you know, hovering in another dimension. Everything's way too sharp right now. Mostly I want to run away. I mean, to become a cabana girl in like, Aruba or something. Even though I have no idea what that job is, if it exists, and I dislike too much heat.

OTOH, beach. In Aruba. And there is no possible way any family member will find me because all of them hate to fly!

(Just found this out recently. I have decided my incipient nervousness with flying is going to go away now in reaction. Oh yes. I will re-learn how to love to fly. Love.)


I saw a miniature pony. My life is complete.


So I got this weird email from the programmers who work on the client-contact-tracking program we use to--well, track clients who call us. I have spoken of thsi before, with the informal user guide becoming a User Guide for everyone and then became....

No, no idea how this happened.

I'm validating changes. Informally. But. Okay.

One of the guys has been updating me on program changes and improvements and before I went on vacation said for me to go to the practice area? Place they play with to implement changes. TESTING AREA, got it. Okay. So I said sure and went there and played with the things they asked me to check on. I made some notes, told them casually, was asked to email a few, I said sure. They said it would go into produciton this last Monday. Okay, I said, still playing with reports. And saying, hey, why does x and x do this?


So I get in Monday. The new version was not put into production (general use). Why? I had not validated it.

Me: What?
Boss: Did you--
Boss: *sighs* You are never getting a puppy. Also, what the hell?

So apparently I'm--validating things. Yeah. No idea what's up with that one.

Fandom/DVD Commentary Challenge

I decided to do the DVD Commentary Challenge again this year, pending participants signing up for it. It'll run from August 1, 2007 - September 30, 2007, with all entries to be in by midnight September 31. A formal entry about it will be up in the next week or so to start sign-ups--though signing-up can continue up until the last day. More information here and under the tag DVD Commentary Challenge.

To see what was done last year, go to dvd_commentary.


I feel vaguely like doing something dramatically nice. I just have no idea what. Suggestions?