July 15th, 2007


updates etc

I'm debating whether to see if any of the Austin release parties still have openings (Advantages: books! people! fanpeople! food! BOOK AT MIDNGIGHT! Disadvantages: motivation to get dressed, might fall over someone and break self, have no *clue* who anyone is).

Or--just wait for my preorder to arrive at my door. It's tricky; one part is thinking HISTORICAL FAN EVENT HERE and the other is thinking BUT THEN I WILL NOT BE ALBE TO LIE IN BED IN MY JAMMIES AND LAPTOP and God, why is it I cannot have both?

Saw movie. Loved.


Updated my webpage to current with the exception of A History of Violence - I'm trying to decide whether to put it as three separate stories or a single file. Yes, these are the deep meditation moments of my life. The following stories were added:

Sight Unseen (the adultery snippet)
An Evening at the White House by svmadelyn
Breathe Dust
Dealing With the Unexpected (mpreg)

Stargate: Atlantis
Where I Lay My Head, final version
A Place
The Sleeping City
Kahs-Wan (remix)


Yes, tagging again. Everything I've written, including wips, snippets, and etc, are now up in del.icio.us, with a disturbing specificity of tags. I'll add as I run across them in my lj.

Hmm. Short insane moment coming next.

Meta on Tagging

For those who actually go there and read around and marvel at what will in the future probably be one of the early signs of my impending breakdown (I'm sure this will show up in my biography, The Girl Who Suddenly Painted Herself Green and Married Characters on the Astral Plane: How A Fangirl Went Wrong by svmadelyn (no, I'm sure she would never ever do that)), part of it has become personal tracking.

A million years ago in lj, a meme went around asking people to critique their fic--wait, let me find that. Got it, here. This was early in my lj tenure--and pretty early for fandom in lj, to be honest. It was interesting.

The commment I'm interested in at this point, however, was by rhiannohero, where she mentioned a flaw she saw, and had emailed me about in a fic I wrote. It was the overuse of the phrase "something like". It's true. I have a bad habit of finding a phrase I like and beating it to death with a hammer.

Del.icio.us isn't made to be that specific, but it does give me a way to track what I tend to write thematically--physical location, weather-type, and occasionally concept. The three I'm tracking currently are: a.) the use of rain in a fic, b.) where I put them (example, oh, Mexico, deserts, etc), and c.) kind of story (apocalypse, etc). It's--I want to say enlightening, because it helps assuage my curiosity on what I tend to go for in fic. Most of the fic still aren't completely tagged, but I'm slowly adding as I go.

I guess in a way it's become a kind of quasi-map to my subconscious, a map to my kinks, a map to what makes me want to write. i look at it and see what I've been doing even if I don't know why.


For LJ, I've done a fairly large-scale retagging of the fanfic by fandom and year, as well as fanfic series. It was--interesting. And very, very anal. On my main lj sidebar are the ones currently mostly completed. The year split was originally because SGA hit over 100, so I had to split by year, but it does make it convenient to hunt down fic.

In conclusion: I still want a pony. Am considering stealing one somewhere.
children of dune - leto 1

vid recs, sort of

This entry is basically a placeholder for vid recs when I finally find my links. I have meant *forever* to rec *and* link, and rewatched the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock vid set to Dante's Prayer and cried my eyes out. Again.

Currently only one now. I just decided if I actually have an entry devoted to it, I am far more likely to, say, remember to do it.

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