July 12th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

so. i feel better

So finished sort-of final editing for the fic that made me want to remove my own spleen. My sister got married on Monday. My youngest sister is surprisingly not getting into anything that requires bail.

I think my life just calmed down.


So I haven't written anything new since remix, and I need to clear my head with something simple. Exercise, if you will. I may have forgotten how to write.

Give me up to five suggestions on scenes you'd like to see in Crimes Against Humanity. They can be future, past, expansion of a scene already written, porn, torture, genocide, (I can't believe I wrote out all those words together). Snippets will be a minimum of two pages or two sexual acts. I'll write at least three of them.

ETA: I'm seeing a theme of semi-public sex here. *grins* I like how you all think so much.
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sgafic: a history of violence: recruitment

Title: A History of Violence: Recruitment
Author: jenn (jenn@thegateway.net)
Codes: Lorne, Sheppard, Mitchell (implied Sheppard/Mitchell)
Rating: R
Summary: At the end, two of them were chosen, but Lorne wasn't one of them.
Author Notes: Off prompts in this entry. This is the first of three (I think). Backstory, set after McKay is sent to Atlantis, but before John is caught.

Warnings: Please see this entry for series warnings. For this story, also pre-sexual assault.

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