July 8th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

the return! and no deaths!

Survived the beach. Actually, it turned out almost creepily fun and good, like some kind of television miniseries on family bonding. My sister's fiance was new to the entire Our Family of Multiple Personalities experience but fit in nicely. I do miss her first husband, though, and a part of me really wished he could have come.

I do get that would be worth years of therapy, but still.

Anyway. My dad a couple of years ago was down at Port A with my mom to go on the gambling boat thing and they were looking for some place to stay. We have this one motelish place we always use for like, three freaking generations and dad was practically married to it. Every year, that's where we went.

However, when I began regular travel and booking of hotels I started looking up things like condos and etc to stay at, and when I raved about the place girlinthetrilby booked us in South Padre, they got interested. Anyway, short version they stumbled across a quiet place that turned out to be a lot better than it looked; very plain exterior, but awesome rooms, a huge porch, and on the first floor with a view of the beach. Dad was hooked. The room we got was expandable from one to two to three to I think four bedrooms with a neat series of locking doors. We ended up with the two bedroom, since we'd been kind of hard line on a first floor and beach view, so me and my youngest sister got futons in teh living room. I am not complaining--I had a fantastic time.

Anyway, short version--fun. Just too much.

And I am set for travel until August. I am remembering a time in my life where I never travelled. It's surreal to think of it.


While continuing the obsessive tagging in del.icio.us--my main source of relaxation and entertainment, sadly enough--I remembered I'd left a few stories off that werne't archived on my website. They were part of Unspoken: A Round Robin, which was this accidental thing in X-Men Movieverse. I'd written a story for a friend who gave me very specific parameters to write in, and then kind of left the story in my WIP folder since it didn't really go anywhere--basically just an intro to a radically different AU. After posting, two people asked to continue the storyline--minisinoo and andariel. And then a lot of people jumped in.

At the time, it was a really cool surprise. Everyone picked up different characters, brought in non-movie characters and alternate storylines, and there ended up being fifty-seven stories in the series, a *lot* of which were written in the space of a few weeks. We had a lot of lurkers come out to post a story or two, make suggestions, etc. Being a small list, it was pretty high output there for a while.

*g* And it was fun.

I forgot how much I missed shared universe. That was a serious level of fun there.

And yes, random moment of the day. I am *so close* to being done editing and God, I am terrified.