June 30th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

updating. yes. it surprises me too.

God, I feel so alienated from fandom. Which is probably why I'm so stressed; coming here's a fantastic release valve.

Okay, to reiterate and play catch-up: life hard. Want cookies.

Middle Sister and Boyfriend are marrying on the ninth. They're disturbingly excited about the coming baby. This is significant in the fact we have about seven and a half months to get ready for this kid.

Now, recently, I started pulling up Baby Armani and staring lustfully at overpriced sleeperes at Macy's. This can all be explained by the fact that I was feeling crappy this last weekend and suddenly thought to myself, I need to read QaF fic!

Oh dear God. I never get out of those fic without suddenly wanting to take out a loan and go on a Prada buying spree, even though:

a.) I'm not very much into designer, and know painfully little about it, and care less.

b.) I'd need a serious loan to *afford* it.

I think the bad part is, I didn't want to read the good stuff off my and some other people's rec pages. Oh no. I wanted romance. Deep romance. Beautiful, purple, talk-about-feelings, everyone-cries, epic romance.

Which is why I was emailing eleveninches this:

(you can actually trace my slow but inevitable slide to insanity through my email.)

Collapse )

Other News

Youngest sister is MIA again, after moving back in and fighing with everyone. OTOH, this means I don't have to obsessively hide the Ritalin in a new place every damn day.

Going to the beach with entire family this weekend. We rented a condo on the beach, so it should be interesting, provided we all don't try to kill each other.

Vannezsa's agreed to care for Waffles. I pity her malleability.

Universe is slowly becoming less hectic. My sleep has been seriously fucked this week with the sudden influx of--well, everything. I think it's some kind of karmic justice thing for me and Madelyn spending all of the last day of the cruise lying in lounge chairs in the sun and snapping our fingers for more daquiris and maui mauis. It was a lot of daquiris and maui mauis.

Totally worth it. I have the cruise pictures on my camera and will upload a few when I can get the docking station to stop being idiotic. There are none in existence of me doing karaoke while perhaps a bit not-sober. This is a good thing. I just wish there were pictures of svmadelyn on her horse. You should ask her about it. Really. It doesn't even make her grind her teeth audibly anymore!

Honestly, after this next weekend? I cannot *wait* to get back to normal.

*sends special love to the slumberparty girls* I miss you all. It was amazing fun.