June 15th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

it is late. I have a flight tomorrow. I am not panicking

So when I'm stressed I have this habit of--organzing things.

It's doubly so when I'm going to see other fangirls. If people are visiting your house, you clean, right?

When I'm visiting other fangirls, I ORGANIZE MY FOLDERS ON MY LAPTOP.

I--it's like I'm worried they'll randomly go through my files and mock that I put a SGA story in with a group of SV ones.


I just finished placing all my vids into folders, split by show if there is more than two for a show, a separate folder for movie vids, another for trailers. I am currently in my SGA folder, contemplating breaking it down by Drama and Comedy.

Please send help. I am writing a fic and getting ready to go on a cruise and I'm fairly sure this is how nervous breakdowns start.

Also, my sister is moving home this weekend. *sighs and looks at ritalin bottle* I think this means that the bottle will never leave my sight again. I got used to being able to not watch my purse constantly.

Hmm. I feel like oversharing.


Angel/Buffy - 14

Dr. Who - 8

Firefly - 2

Farscape - 8

Harry Potter - 3


Gladiator - 1
The Fifth Element - 1
Pirates of the Carribean - 2
Kill Bill - 1

Pride and Prejudice - 1

Queer as Folk - 49

Subfolder: Clips - 117

Stargate SG-1 - 5

Stargate Atlantis - 54

Smallville - 35

Star Trek

Star Trek Original Series/Movies - 2
Star Trek Voyager - 3

Supernatural - 37

The Daily Show - 2


X-Files - 3

231 is not excessive. If I carefully dont' think of the ones I have on CD and DVD. Which I am not. Those are in a box far from my bed and I am not getting up to count.

Hmm. I--you know? I almost never feedback vids. I wonder if doing it in groups of ten by folder would be acceptable in a series of posts.

*eyes list* If I can even figure out where I *got* most of them.
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