June 9th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

life hard. want refund

Okay, distrubing moment of the weekend. Fell asleep at 7 PM. Woke up? 8 this morning.

*sad* I am getting old. I am only surprised amireal didn't send a worried email. *g* She now worries if she does not see me for twenty-four hours, I am dying in the hosptial.

Okay, question. For SGA/SG1 people. Can Ancients bring people back from the dead?

Unrelated but relevant:

1.) Obsessively playing sudoku does not, in fact, making fic editing go by faster.

2.) I forgot how much I hate editing even when I love reading the betas beyond all words.

3.) I want a pony.

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To round this out.

1.) I will forever be amused by the people talking about the evils of illegal immigration who I have *seen* picking up day labor on a daily basis. Seriously. That's just funny.

2.) I am always deeply amused by people who whine about how welfare is destroying American while receiving Medicaid and CHIP cards.

3.) Double that for the people that cleverly move all their considerable assets into trusts (and I'm talking about people in the one million area) so they can get Medicaid for nursing home care.

4.) Anyone, anyone, who calls in to explain how all those evil people are getting food stamps and don't deserve it nearly as much as they do. And their taxes support it! (this is most fun with people where I'm reading their case history and noting they've only held jobs that keep them not only below the income tax limit but also manage to continue to receive benefits.)

Sometimes, my job is very strange.

ETA: Going garage saleing and Barnes-and-Nobling, hopefully will have Martha Wells' Entanglement so I have guaranteed good reading for the plane on Friday. THEY HAD BETTER.
children of dune - leto 1

hmm. my day, without the use of the I pronoun

A.) Did not find Entanglement - will order from Amazon. May it get here on time.

B.) Purchased two backup books. Warily looking at them. May just play sudoku on the plane.

C.) Will be editing this story forever. Think giving up is option.

D.) LJ hates me.

E.) Listening to "Love Like Winter". Still have no idea what song is about. Vaguely convinced it involves vampires and The Lost Boys. Video did not help.

F.) Rabbit? Still hate me. Prefers dog that tried to maul it. Caught them surreptitiously touching noses. Disgusted.

That is all.
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