June 4th, 2007

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children and the internet

I've been thinking on and off about this for a bit, in regards to the Save the Children Movement, and a comment in my lj finally solidified what I was trying to get my head around. Part of this is pulled from my reply to someone else.

The Internet is totally the rock-and-roll of this generation of parents. For those who remember The Great Terror of Elvis' hips, or the record burnings, or--well, anything that young people indulged in that was new. It's sort of like that. Not completely. But sort of.

Okay, yes, there are people out there who want to sanitize the world. I've always thought that was less about 'children' and more about catering to their own beliefs or aesthetics, to be honest. They want *everyone* to think and do as they do, etc. Kids are just a convenient excuse. Anything is a convenient excuse. They'd use *pencils* as a convenient excuse.

(see WFI for example A of this)

But there is another group entirely. That's the actual worried parents, the ones that this is Rock and Roll all over again.

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woe. and more woe. and look! woe!

I am currently slumping around the office, waiting for someone to notice my hair. And no one is.

I hate them all so much it causes me pain. I hope the coffee today was filtered through a sock. A dirty sock.

Jesus God, when did I turn into this kind of a girl?

(Yes, yes, pictures forthcoming, as soon as I can find a camera that is charged. Mine seems to be--somewhere not in my room. God knows where that is.)
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children of dune - leto 1


Okay quick question.

Guy who came up unprompted to tell me my hair looked nice--no, seriously, that was odd.

There's this show from the eighties on Nick called The Third Eye. It took us forever to get the name, and does anyone know where I can find it for him?

He told me I had pretty hair.

Please? I'll offer a snippet to whoever finds it. Anything Sheppard/McKay. Or possibly Sheppard/ex-wife. Possibly Sheppard/ex-wife/McKay.

I so didn't say that. *facepalm*
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children of dune - leto 1

links around

LJ's limitation on posting size is both random and *annoying*.

First rec. To soothe my righteous rage.

Lorne in Atlantis by ltlj, latest of the Retrograde stories, is up and oh, Lorne in Atlantis!!!!! Part of amireal's 3daychallenge. See? Soothed.

Second, otw_news

This is a copy/paste from the otw_news:

Finally, please advertise these two posts, and the community, both within livejournal and beyond! If you are on a fannish mailing list where this would be appropriate, you can copy and paste the following text into an announcement:

(This announcement is being forwarded from the fanarchive community on LJ.)

A group of fanfic fans is forming to set up a nonprofit organization for collective fannish projects, including building a central fanfic archive. We are setting up shop in the fanarchive community on livejournal, located here:


A couple of big updates have been posted today (Monday June 4), including the basic outline of our organization structure and our call for volunteers. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please stop by, give us your thoughts, and sign up for announcements!

Here are the two posts: The Organizational Structure Willingness to Serve.

If you don't have an LJ account, you can subscribe by email with this handy free service:


All you need to do is paste in the following URL:


(If you use an RSS newsreader, you can use that same URL to subscribe to the news feed.)

You also do not need an LJ account to make comments on posts -- please just remember to put your name/pseud somewhere in your comment, so everyone knows who is talking, and include your email address so others can reply to you directly if you want.

If you would like to catch up on the last week or two of discussion, a helpful summary post is up here:


Thank you!

-- astolat (otherwise known as shalott)


Posts regarding the structure of the non-profit were posted today. Go read and marvel. And get a slight headache. Dear God.