June 2nd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

so that thing where i have an lj of links--yeah. still doing that

It's midnight, so my lj will let me post.

I feel like an infomercial. God.


For those new, Waffles is my rabbit.

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Due to drama and circumstance, Waffles has been restricted to his cage or his playpen outside. It's a long story that involves pneumonia and etc. Anyway, I took him out today, put him in his playpen, spread out some cut grass for him to chew or destroy, whichever, some water, his green castle, and left him to do his thing.

I came out about an hour later to see the pen kind of bent, and the dog staring at something on the ground.

Wait. I *remember* this.

Anyway, here is what has to hae happened. Dog got into pen, took out rabbit (I seriously have no idea how else it could have happened--the rabbit does not have wings and the pen is now permanetly closed on all sides). Chased rabbit. Rabbit played dead.

My week, in other words, just about almost got even worse.

Ran to rescue, cuddled him for about an hour, which was nice, since Waffles kind of hates me and hates life. Then after cuddling adn generally acting loving, he bit me lovingly in the stomach and stared up at me until I took him, with all due ceremony, back to his cage. He nodded thoughtfully and promptly returned to eating his apple.

I really need a pet that likes me. Oh, wait, I have Thumper.

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I--he came to me in a box. It's hard to explain. But I love him. And sadly, he does beat Waffles for cuddliness.

Fandom Notes

Collected from everywhere. Like I said. Informercial. But after tomorrow, hopefully one with good hair. As I will get my hair recolored.

I.) otw_news

Posted by bethbethbeth today:

Now, for the update: we have mostly hammered out the structure of the organization and are lining up legal help. On Monday, I will be posting a couple of long and complicated posts (sorry!) outlining the structure and recruiting specifically for the first board and committee chairs. I would ask all of you to please try and invite as many people as you can to join
this community from your own circles, especially if you don't see a lot of representative people on our membership list yet, and also to forward those posts to any appropriate fannish mailing lists that you might be on, or to other fannish people who might not be on LJ. We've gotten a lot of generous offers of help in comments both to the original post and many of the posts here. I haven't had time to reply to all of these, but if that includes you, THANK YOU, and rest assured we will soon be showing up on your doorstep hat in hand. :D

The post collecting volunteers will be up shortly, as will the summary post. If you did not post on the original thread and would like to volunteer, you can drop emyrys a note to be added.

Volunteer post is here.

If you haven't joined, yes, I'll say it, go do so. Our archive. I mean, without you? The rest of us might vote to do blue text on a pink background*. Do you want to be responsible for that while reading your Methos/Green Lantern crossover porn? Do you?

(*this is for dramatic effect. I don't think anyone there is actually evil.)

Please, feel free to spread the word.

II. thecaelum asked me to post this:

I don't have the energy or the focus right now to make canon_sidekicks or social_meta into the kinds of communities that I know they can be. These are both good ideas, and self-sustaining communities that need just a little attention to become relevant, useful, and vibrant little corners of fandom.

Because I'm lacking in what is necessary to run these communities, I'd like to give them over to someone or someones who would be willing to take these ideas and run with them. No strings, no catches. Full ownership of the community would be yours, to do with as you see fit. I would not be involved at all.

If any of you are interested, or know of someone who might be interested, please let me know.

Please drop a line at to thecaelum at mizrudy at yahoo.com or in her post here.

III. Strikethrough 2007

For those still mulling Strikethrough 2007 (I seriously love this name), stewardess has posted "How SixApart's Greed Allied Them with Neo-Nazis". This offers an intriguing possibility on what led to the purge that led to Fandom Harmony We Are All One. Interesting and cynical implications for what we can expect in the future.

IV. 3daychallenge

amireal has a new challenge here.

Topic: International 'What did you say about my mama?' Day Challenge!

This special edition DVD challege is a week-long event! And by that I mean, a week of porn. Please. Bring us porn.


I was curious, so I went looking for livejournal statistics. Because we all know that my favorite thing in the world is random math.

Pulled from Livejournal Statistics.

How many users, and how many of those are active?

Total accounts: 13056367
... active in some way: 1783402
... that have ever updated: 8237102
... updating in last 30 days: 1017235
... updating in last 7 days: 585470
... updating in past 24 hours: 182223

I'd commit many horrible acts to get a breakdown between user accounts and commmunity accounts, and types of accounts (permanent, paid, early adopter, plus, and basic).

*wistful* I'd get to play with numbers for weeks.

ETA contributed by shusu - twistedchick does math.

Ooohhh yeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Okay, done. LJ, it is after midnight. Plz post. Kthx.