May 30th, 2007

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lj news

News has users asking for explanation, starting on page six about halfway down through--ah, yes, page seventeen.

No, that's page eighteen.

*thoughtful* Seven hundred eighty-five comments now, comment limit, what, 5000?

ETA *raises eyebrow* Make that 839 at 12:43 PM CST.

ETA 2: Huh. 1:13 PM CST - 974

In thirty minutes? Nice.

ETA 3: 1:43 PM CST - 1,118

Okay, seriously, will stop tracking now. Just watch in wonder.

Leave with this:

Erm, ah, I'm h-here on b-behalf of *deep breath* RP c-character journals everywhere. What you're d-doing to us f-fictional c-characters needs to be stopped. I may just be Neville Longbottom, but I'll stop you.

*straightens shoulders courageously*

*points wand*


*takes away your internetz*

I'm Neville Longbottom and I'm in ur internetz, stealing ur dignity. Much as you've stolen the dignity of your blameless patrons.

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That just amused me to death.
children of dune - leto 1


Okay, so I am not one for dramatic public gestures--er. Except for that thing last summer? And maybe some stuff before that, which totally does not count since I started my resolution last summer. Now I do it under flock, like any sane fanficster.

But a few links:





Look, the thing is, I get the people that are saying that we're all overdramatizing and it's not that big a deal, it's only lj.

No, wait, I said that wrong.

I totally do not get that at all. It *is* that big a deal. Yes, we started in fanzines, and then there was usenet, and then there was mailing lists, and then there was livejournal. Yes, if this fails, of course we'll find something else. There's never a doubt of that.

But that doesn't mean we can't try and fight for what we have now. It doesn't mean we'll win--that we'll get back those ljs we lost, the history and conversations and fiction in them that we may never see again--but I feel like we have to try.

As much as the mailing lists, as usenet, as fanzines, our history is here too. Almost everyone has had a mailing list suddenly vanish, usenet threads deleted, bad mods, and livejournal, if it did nothing else, gave us this; a history we keep to ourselves in our ljs, answerable not to listmods or usenet mods, but to ourselves. And apparently, SixApart.

So you know, labeling us who are upset as hysterical? Feel absolutely free to do so. I've been here since 2001. I met my closet friends here. I found my last two fandoms here. I met svmadelyn and trobadora and amireal here (as examples, I seriously love all my flist to a ridiculous and probably vaguely unhealthy degree). I've invested in the equivalent of internet real estate here, the way I never could in any other forum other than my webpage. I've decorated. Well, isilya decorated for me. But I helped. It's home.

It doesn't mean I can't create another one somewhere else, with new locales and new friends and new ways of organizing fandom. But I'm just not quite ready to give this one up yet.

Seriously. People don't argue and fight and try just because they know they're going to be able to change something; we all know the odds on that one. I'd just rather say I tried and failed.

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10,000 mark

*checking watch*

fandom_counts reached passed 10,000 at--*checks again*-- 7:23 PM CST.

It's very hypnotic. What with the *three per second* going on there in the last hundred something.

ETA: Because seriously, watching that thing is *addicting*.

07.28 33 PM CST

10,204 members

07.33.33 PM CST


34.4 new members per minute

300 seconds divided by 172 members.

One new member every 1.7441860465116279069767441860465 seconds.*

Check my math plz?

Also, hey, join now?

Yes, I reveal a level of geeky glee here that I am almost ashamed of. Almost.

*fixed. I knew that felt wrong.

ETA 2: Like we aren't all geeks.

11,001 hit at 7:47 PM CST

797 new members in 19 minutes

41.94 new members per minute

I'll leave off the per second for my own sanity. *sighs* This should not fascinate me so much.
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You know, there should be a way for communities to sign up--since they do make up part of that famous 14,000,000, and can't be counted in fandom_count.

fandom_counts is at 12504. I'd like to respectfully add the five seven communities I moderate.

Okay, someone start a list? I am in the mood to sign things.

Oh, now at 12,572. It's like Ebay! But with far more personal satisfaction.

I moderate *seven* communities? Really?

ETA As of 10 something CST, 100 pages of comments, maximum comments reached on the top entry in news

*stretches* Cool.

ETA 2 Everyone has moved here.. 1220 and counting. I think to be fair, I should comment once for every community I moderate so every account is--er, accounted for.


I am no longer mature, but having more fun.

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