May 29th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

well damn

Screw flock. These resources are pulled from flocked posts, but none of the links *are* flocked.

Reorganized entry to avoid confusion.

Okay, I've been offline today and my flist is saying suspensions started. There's a list here.

Can anyone confirm the following people vanished of their own accord?

1. z_rayne - ignore this one, confirmed deletion by user
2. lynntownsend (noted on one of the lists)
3. alden_k - ignore this one, probable deletion by user

Community pornish_pixies also suspended, according to the list.

Lists are here (courtesy of my flist and musesfool, please click cut and read because this is getting long:

Collapse )

First: ask around so we can be sure we don't lose our own here. Maybe someone with a lot of people on their flist can make a central point for people to post to, or use one of those threads? Am I freaking out yet? Yes. I am.

Second: can everyone check their userinfo and see if anyone else has vanished? Also check your unfriends in the last twenty four hours--I was unfriended by four and three are deleted, and that makes me nervous.

Reserve the right to flock later if someone who knows more than I do says I should.

This is just for me--if you are on my flist and decide to preemptively delete briefly, please tell me so I don't panic?