May 23rd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

huh. rps and bds,? really?

I am having a very bizarre night.

Whilst looking for something for out_there (I cannot *believe* I lost it) I ran across....

*blank look*

So far.

X-Men movieverse Scott/Gambit BDSM. I--wrote that? Really?

Two (TWO) Tom/Michael SVRPS. TWO. Well. Okay, one cowrite and one--I don't know if I wrote it. It *sounds* like me? But I was still in my transitional thete1 stage of writing, so some of it feels more like her than like me and--yeah. I can't find the actual convo, just the text of an email I sent to someone else.

thete1? Por favor, email or AIM me? I need to ask about one of these pieces.


Anyone want to see the Scott/Gambit BDSM? It's--weird. Seriously. I--was I *high*?

I'm kind of scared to see what the other convos hold. *chews lip* Could be anything.
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children of dune - leto 1


This is really a visual representation/exercise in the concept of the spread of meme through blogs and fandom. No. Really. In color.

By playing it, I am internalizing the valuable life skills in regards to how to disseminate information.

Please in the name of God say you agree.

Also. HIGH SCORE WHOO HOO! Okay, like 284, but WHOO HOO!

Again. This is improving my mind.

Please carry on

P.S. researchgrrrl? Special hell.
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