May 22nd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

oh hell yes


Sudoku, easy version, 3 minutes, 32 seconds.

Oh yeah.


(i'm really not resting until everyone's a junkie to it)

Also? I get to go to medium now that I have broken the four minute barrier. Happy.

ETA: Yelling "Who's Your Daddy?" at the computer? Does in fact make one's supervisor do a double take. I'm just going ot point out, he had no reason to be over here. At all. So all trauma? On his own head.
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children of dune - leto 1

update and links and stuff

*narrow eyes*

I feel as if I now have every excuse to sulk prodigiously. The job I interviewed for, again, went to someone else. I sulked in supervisor junior's office while he made comforting noises.

Also, there was pizza for lunch and thanks to bad medication, I could not eat it. I can officially recommend this for weight loss. It makes a two inch thick pizza stuffed with meat and cheese and other good things absolutely uneatable.

I resent life right now.

Okay, moving to:

Child was reaccepted to his school next year. Thank God.

I finally caught up on Fanlib because really, I'm sulking and by God, I feel the need to read things that will raise my blood pressure, such as it is. Summaries of the situation are everywhere.

My favorite post so far is by icarusancalion here. metafandom is hopping with links--Jesus, which I have read, oh, all.

Henry Jenkins checked in here.

astolat wants a multifandom archive here, run by us, for us, literally. Also has set up the otw_news for discussion of how to go about this. We *need* to do this. Also, I have no skills whatsoever when I was trying to think of things to offer. Dear God. That is depressing.

See? Sulking. I plan to continue until at least Thursday.

And final note on Fanlib before I forget they exist, which shouldn't take long, since their main page is appalling and I try to quickly wipe trauma from my mind to prevent the early signs of aging.....

Gakked from bethbethbeth, who also beat my easy sudoku score, but I'm not bitter. Not yet

Here is a charming brochure of their corporate goals as given to the investors.

Read more in their 6-page PDF brochure, with revelatory quotes like:

See How To: Grow Audience! Enhance Brand! and Increase Revenue!
[let] a mass audience collaborate democratically in a fun online game that you control.
[Emphasis theirs]
Increase audience -- if they build it, they will come
Massive Viral Marketing
And how about Page 4, describing how their site is "MANAGED & MODERATED TO THE MAX," including the following:

1.) As with a coloring book, players must "stay within the lines"
2.) Restrictive player's terms-of-service protects your rights and property
3.) Moderated "scene missions" keep the story under your control
4.) Full monitoring & management of submissions & players

This is the only time I was tempted to submit. Just to see if they'd take Only Human, the version that existed before I removed the mutilation aspects.

Yes, a restrictive TOS isn't a bug -- it's a feature!

They conclude with the following B2B summary:

FANLIB TECHNOLOGIES (a division of My2Centences LLC) develops, markets and manages innovative social software and web services that unleash the creativity of the worldwide public and generate remarkable value for businesses.


I will chip my fic into stone and carry it to people's houses before I'd be comfortable using this site. Though I don't know where I'd get the stone. I'll have to look around.

This is my dramatic representation of everything. I think I officially have an excuse to drink. Well, hot chocolate, but I only have one package yet and I can pretend I added rum.

Plz wake me when it's Friday. Thank you.


Anyone who has Supernatural as their primary fandom? I need a beta. Email me please? Or leave a comment? Or possibly send smoke signals. I could totally sit on my roof today and stare dubiously at the neighborhood while reciting epic poetry. I think it would relieve my feelings. I am thinking something in Beowulf. It's not like I understood it the first time through, so maybe this will help.

Or ooh, Chaucer. Not poetry, per se, but ooh. I can mispronounce so many words.

I now officially want a unicorn. Nothing else will do. A unicorn with wings.