May 17th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

Quick Note to Those Following DD's LJ entry

Quick Note for Those At Work Who Surf LJ

Thanks to a marvelously attractive troll (oh, this is totally the guy I want to date; nothing says healthy relationship like anal porn spam), devildoll's lj entry on the MJ thing is no longer work safe. Please avoid page ten for now. But don't worry--if you want to read sad trolls, page nine and eight are still awesome for it. One of them writes poetry!

No, seriously. Well, okay, the trolls all run together, but I thin he wrote poetry. Actually, I kind of want to hook that one up with my sister. They could have a really good time talking about their empty pain and eating fritos. I'm serious. I'm sending her a link to his lj. A troll, to be honest, would be a step *up* in her dating life. This one looks like he bathes.

Those of you at work--yeah. It's not horrifically explicit, but it slams up pretty hard against our work rules.

Okay, for the record--I'll probably be commenting on the MJ thing more. If it's *really* irritating, I'm not going to apologize, but I do understand how annoying it gets when something isn't your thing and you keep *seeing it everywhere*.

(See Fallout Boy. I have nothing against them. But oh my God, I feel like it has surrounded me and is calling for my surrender.)

ETA 1:03 PM - Worksafe! Now you, too, can marvel at the charm and charisma of these fine minds that have raised the level of discourse to such dizzying heights!

children of dune - leto 1

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The eternal question. I would like to thank the DD's trolls for the heads-up.

Comic book characters are already over-sexualized with their muscles and tight costumes. I would also argue that the comic figurine market is so narrow that it doesn't make sense to apply mainstream standards to it anyway. BUT, what I can't deny is that this specific rendering of MJ makes her look like a low-rent stripper, which she isn't. So why demean the character like this? And, more to the point of the people who object to the figurine, why would Marvel sanction such an image of their own character?

*squints* He doesn't *look* like a hysterical fangirl.