May 15th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

random update


Sudoku, easy - 4 minutes, 1 second. When I hit 3 minutes, fifty-nine seconds, I'll start the mediums.


I still don't know how to put any sort of rational thought together on the subject, so I'm leaving it to the experts. If you haven't run across this yet, I have no idea how the hell you missed it, because wow.

The MJ comiqutte--thing and liviapenn talks here about On persepective on non-fen who were shocked by the statue. DD's is informational and probably can be considered ground zero for fannish shock. Also for fun, and because the entry is very much related to Livia's, Why the MJ Kerfuffle Matters. Whether you agree or disagree with the problems that have been expressed regarding the statue, I recommend both the latter metas as an idea of why it hit so hard for non-comicfen.

Everything else is Various reactions (hint, it took me *four hours* to get through them) and F-W has a entry on it as well.

I keep coming back to the Stepford theme in some way. The biggest problem I'm having at this point is myself; it *bothers* me, on that skin-crawl level. I lack comic context for the character altogether; I'm not the audience. But. From faint memories of the cartoons and more recent of the movie, I keep thinking of the Stepford wives and satire it was, but it also had that creepy grain of truth to it. MJ's kind of jumping on the same flinch button, and I'm still trying to figure out if that's a valid parallel.


I am beginning to miss writing. I mean, in a serious junkie-misses-fix way. I just really don't quite want to start again until my non-fic but fandom do-to list is like, at least a page shorter. I feel weirdly guilty every time I *read* fic, because of all the fic I was in a rush and didn't bother feedbacking.