March 18th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

moderator fascism can be a good thing!

The reason I don't mod communities very often is my strong fascist tendency to want to control all aspects of the community. Which is why if I co-mod with svmadelyn, I tend to never go near the community if I can help it, just to avoid the problems inherent in a sudden, unquenchable desire to oppress people and make them bow.

Case in point.

seperis: Did you put [removed username to protect the stupid] person on moderated status?
svmadelyn: no
seperis: Hmm
seperis: Can we put them on moderated status?
svmadelyn: well, what would that accomplish?
svmadelyn: I never bothered to tell them I was deleting their post
seperis: Because it is fun.
svmadelyn: I just delete.
svmadelyn: If you want to power trip, I shall not stand in your way.
svmadelyn: *generous*
seperis: Hmm
seperis: How do I mod just one person?
seperis: *frowns*
seperis: lj is not being efficient here.
svmadelyn: *grins*
svmadelyn: Now, by mod, do you mean, ban them?
seperis: No
svmadelyn: Because you can deny posting access, or you can deny membership altogether.
seperis: Just make it so all their posts have to be approved.
svmadelyn: No, can't do that.
seperis: *sulks*
seperis: life sucks.
svmadelyn: I know, I know.
seperis: You could do it in mailing lists!
seperis: Fine
seperis: I am taking away their posting access!
seperis: ...when I figure out how to do that.
svmadelyn: But it could be entertaining!
svmadelyn: I want to see if they entertain me again.
seperis: *sulks* WHY?
svmadelyn: *vetoes blackballing!*
svmadelyn: Because!
seperis: Oh come on.
seperis: Let's go darkside here.
svmadelyn: Blackball someone else!
svmadelyn: go blackball cj.
svmadelyn: She'll never notice.
svmadelyn: It'll be good practice for you!

Note to cjandre--I would never blackball you. But note that svmadelyn would. Not me. So send me more porn plz.