March 11th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

the day before

I am packed, mostly. I have Child packed, mostly. My coat is drying, becaus I haven't actually used it since Vancouver two years ago. Chid's new coat is dry and in the garage so he can't destroy it before we leave.

I'm *packed*, except for electronic equipment that doesn't get packed until morning, because really, I can't be that organized or I'll forget to wear shoes. Yes. I have done that. Or wore two different shoes. It's--odd.

Also, tornado warning in central Texas? Okay, not fair. We had all weekend to have violent storms. Not on the freaking night before I leave.

And to round out my weird complaints, a few nights ago I was going over my flight info and Tara asked me when my flight left on Thursday, so I went to check and Jesus and God, I booked a sixy forty-five am flight. I have no idea how I even managed that.



Man, Interrupted by samdonne, Thoughtcrimes - I'm not sure what to do with this. I don't know the show other than by the synopsis samdonne provided. It was *good*, intense and richly charactered and satisfying. And I liked reading it three times. And it made me smile at the end. I need to contemplate feedback that's more than "Pretty" one day.


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In short--I have every intention of forgetting something vital, becuase I am way too ready.