March 9th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

misery in the morning

So it's Friday and I sent Child to school in ambitious hopes of working on such things as laundry and errants and whatnot. After sleeping extremely late. Unfortunately, the late-sleeping didn't work out, but I had an egg mcmuffin and a hash browns, so on balance? Not so bitter.

I'm awake on my day off, though. And on lj instead of doing laundry or cleaning or, say, something productive. Bah. This is productive.

Finished tagging SV last night while svmadelyn tempted me with Kirk/Spock fic, which led to me wandering back to look at my Voyager stuff, and kind of wonder what I was thinking. Actually, I'm thinking of instituting a tag system that has something going on like this:


I write hopeless misery more often than I thought. In which I thought I had done it like, three times. But no. There's a tiny garden of grinding misery going on in there.

In less the spirit or word of five fic you like.

Five Fic That Make Me Wonder What I Was Thinking With All That Hopeless Misery Thing

Collapse )

Right. Hmm. So now I'm curious, if you've read this far--we all read fic that breaks us. Which ones ended up with that low grade sense of hopeless misery after reading? Where you just sat there in shock thinking, no. No no no. Fix this. Fix this *now*. WTF author? And so forth.

ETA: Okay, and the sixth, bonus track. New entry here on The One That Madelyn Put Out a Hit On Me For, AKA the Somewhere Adultery Snippet</a>.