March 8th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


Okay, so last night, I was sitting there, thinking, I need to do more tags. And I was going to go through my rec page--all eight hundred stories (maybe?) and then thought, huh. So I did my fic instead.

Oh my God this is fun. Just--okay, I'm all tag-happy, but seriously, the sheer *number* of tags per story! I have pairings in there I forgot I wrote. I have pairings in there I had no idea I wrote. It's like an index of sheer glee--Torres/Kashyk! Toad/Magneto! Some--other ones that are there somewhere. I wrote a surprising amount of Logan/Jean, which I didn't expect. And I barely added the descriptors in yet! And it's like--glee.

Also, I got tomorrow off, so maybe my glee is also related to that and I'm you know, sitting at work, thinking, God, I was young. I mean, as a fanfic writer, and hell, as a writer. Some of it--especially the mid to late Voyager and some of the X-Men--I just--I mean. It's so odd. Especially the Voyager. I was a lot less uninhibited in dramatic scenes, and a lot more experimental in what I wrote and how. There's something to be said for not knowing any better, I think--there's stuff in here I'd never write now, ever, but back then, there never seemed a reason not to. There're all these rough areas that I want to edit now, and then I find places I'm kind of breathless, thinking, I wrote that? Really? I'm thinking I'll tag for year too, and see if I can chart a development curve on where I was when and how. There's some stuff in Voyager that kind of blows what I thought was my learning curve in writing, and some stuff in X-Men that is seriously regressed-to-teen and it makes me wonder. I'm wondering now what I'll see when I start tagging the SV stuff. I'm kind of wondering what I'll find if I open up my old X-Men and Voyager WIP folders, and see the stuff I didn't post.

There's meta in this on growth and change and the good old days where I'd multi-pairing everywhere, but honestly. Bundling tags here.

Anyway, for those curious, here it is. So far all of Voyager and about a third of the X-Men stuff.