March 7th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

five stories in four fandoms

Gakked from cathexys who gakked from brown_betty - 5 stories you'd recommend to a someone outside of fandom.

Well. Cool. Five stories I read in fandoms I have never been a part of.

Goodnight, Moon by Yahtzee. Joan of Arcadia/The Day After Tomorrow. I ended up emailing this one to a friend who isn't fannish to explain the crying. Let's not talk about the crying. More, let's talk about the hope. This is one show that I vague, vaguely knew the premise of, and one movie that at the time I had never seen. And it's still one of the most powerful stories I've read in my life, and every time I read it is just like the first time. I won't say theme or universal struggle or you know, tone. I'll say that it explores one of my favorite things in stories, why I read--what makes us human. What makes a family. And the sacrifices we make to keep those things.

A Hundred Years Ago by trifles. Wendy and Peter. This one I printed out and gave to my mom. It's the story of the boy before he became Captain Hook. It's rich and stylish and atmospheric and utterly, utterly breathtaking. It broke my heart. It gave the story of Peter Pan something more, something deeper and darker and sadder. And I love it every time I re-read.

Iolokus by MustangSally and RivkaT. X-Files. Link to the first. I love this series. I mean, I just--I sit down and re-read the entire thing every so often. It's plotty with fantastic character. It's *very* plotty with fantastic character. It's--did I mention plot? I cannot emphasize enough, plot. A fantastic, X-Filey, twisty, amazing plot through five novels. I can't even begin to count how much I love this story and everything in it. It's magnificent. It's huge and sprawling and almost a week of reading and it's everything that X-Files was and could have been and a part of me wishes it could have been. Amazing.

Nightblooming Heartsease by julad. Harry Potter. I broke my own heart reading it and re-read it every so often to just--wallow in it. It's breathtaking and painful and hopeful. It's (somewhat) contradicted by current Harry Potter canon, but it stands the test of time in the characters, the world she built for them, around them, the war they fought with Voldemort. I have to space out my re-reads, but it's always worth the ache after. Always.

The Tale of the Shining Price by illuferret. Harry Potter. I--hmm. I can't explain this one. It's thick and heavy and very, very rigid stylistically. It's not quite Harry Potter, less vivid, and more intense. Almost four years ago after reading it I said I'd remember this story when I forgot what I'd written that year. It's true. I don't even remember what fandom I was in when I read this, but I remember reading this, and loving it, and hurting with it, too.