February 22nd, 2007

children of dune - leto 1


*thoughtful* I am in a very, very bad mood already. I really, really want waffles suddenly. I mean, not good ones, from say, a breakfast restaurant. But Eggo Waffles, plain, with butter and syrup. Warm syrup. Maybe a side of sausage patties. And two eggs. And hash browns, the kind made with egg and a little garlic, covered in gravy. And cheese. Hmm. Ignore the waffles, keep the rest, add a side of blueberry pancakes. Add a side of gravy for the eggs and sausage. Or wait. Add biscuits.

Huh. Now I'm grumpy and hungry. This does not seem an improvement.
children of dune - leto 1

yay squid!

To make my blueberry pancakeless morning a little more interesting:


Which is a far more dramatic header than the omgsoawesome Colossal Squid has been captured! An adult! Really really big! Weighs half a ton! A half-ton of calamari!

Check out the photos. The awesomeness of a colossal squid cannot be enough emphasized.

Also. Huh. That is awfully big, isn't it? I mean--that thing could like, eat things. Like say, me. If I were, you know, casually swimming in Antarctica. For fun.