February 20th, 2007

the gekko story

back hurts, long day, send help

My back hurts. Stupid work. Somehow, I forgot that using my laptop at work makes me slave to the slight-too-low cubicle desks, which in turn makes me hunch, which--you see where this is going. Ouch. So many nerves of ouch.

Send brownies. Or you know, porn. Or ooh. Brownie porn!

...hmm. Let me rethink option three there.

In other news, I'm reminded a great deal why I loathe politicians, with the latest soundbite regarding the mandatory vaccination of girls for HPV included me waking up to the words "vaccinate Texas sluts." I love the news. I just wish I'd seen the guy who said it. And it was a guy. People with penises are remarkably judgemental on how women use their vaginas. I've noted this before.

If ever there was a time I wanted to claim agnosticism, that would be today. I don't know what offends me more--the people coopting my religion for what amounts to being manslaughter or the people who let them.

God, I have never said this and meant it more, but--I need a drink. Get back to me when I've gotten over the fact that I'm supporting Rick Perry, whose aid is a freaking lobbyist for Merck, who did this by a George Busheque mandate, which I hate so much it actually makes me nauseated, but. But but dammit but.

This is one of those days people bewilder me. I look at my son and think there's nothing, nothing I wouldn't do to protect him (see items 1-5, the stupid things he'll do in his life that he'll have to figure out on his own, up to and including arrest, but he's ten, so I'm still in the anything place). And I just--can't imagine parents out there looking at their daughters and thinking, her sexual purity is worth more than her existence. I can't imagine looking at any girl or woman on earth and thinking, her sexual purity is worth more than her life. I cannot even comprehend the idea that someone would value their mother's, their sister's, their daughter's barely-existent hymen so highly they'd let them die for it.

Okay, seriously. I need a drink. Why again can I not drink at work?