February 6th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

well, at least I didn't offer up my ovaries or anything

Sometimes, I honestly feel my life is a strange sitcom, meant only for very boring books or someone's really bad joke.

Home-visit parent-teacher conference.

Basically, what would have made this better is alcohol--these two men are Turkish, and one is unbelievably hot, and that would be the damned math teacher. The computer science teacher was friendly and talked a lot, the math teacher not so much. I realized abruptly I was in a room with two men not of my immediate family and/or boyfriends of sisters, and also realized it's been a damn long time since I had to interact with males I do not share a blood relationship with or work with or, as above, boyfriends of sister.

I'm seriously not kidding here. The guy was just--God. I mean, Jesus Christ. I should have taken a picture.

You're probably wondering how the confernce went; I have no idea. I think it went well, God know what I said, but they told me nothing particularly new about hsi academics, they covered ground on what fifth grade would be like, more advanced math, beginning electronics, a little on teh afterschool program I enrolled him in. I told them what I was doing with Child--which is so far Chicago in March and a programming camp this summer, assuming I am careful with my money, but seriously, a camp where you learn to write your own video games! HOW COOL IS THAT? Apparently they just started sudoku, which just amused the hell out of me, he showed off his lizard and talked for a bit. It was basically the longest thirty minutes of my life.

This is my life. And it's so cliched, that I'm lusting over the math teacher. Which according to my usual MO, means I avoid avoid avoid. Turkish. Different religion. Probably married. So attractive it was physically painful to look at him.

Teaches math. Male model math teacher.

I get the horrified feeling I'm falling into a rageprufrock AU.