January 29th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

rec! bench by cesperanza

Benched by cesperanza - Okay, I say angsty, but it's angsty in a very fun, tension-building, no body-parts-removed-in-gruesome-ways type of way.

(...I bet by that you can guess I was reading SPN this weekend and discovered the word angst covered things that maybe sort of kind of traumatized me.)

But awesome. Rodney is very brave, and John is very much a mother hen, and everyone else is just awesome.

Randomly, completely unrelated to the above except for that one scene between Elizabeth and John in there.

I have been wondering just what kind of knots John would tie himself into if he was in charge of Atlantis and therefore never allowed to join a gate team and wander off but had to watch and worry and break items into small pieces when other people went and disappeared. I have this horrible suspicion that John would dig deep into his military surveillance education and lojack everyone. It would totally be 1984, except with--well. Hmm. More attractive people.
another frog

on thinking with hot chocolate

So I finally caved and got a del.icio.us link thinger--well, worse, two, since one is for recs and the other for other stuff. I ended up doing a first for me and locking them all, because I've learned my idea of a story summary and tags kind of disturbs me. I mean, true, everyone has separate tags for john-genderswitch and rodney-genderswitch and then you realize you need rodney-girl-genderswitch and john-girl-genderswitch, and then trying to summarize comes down to 'the one that no one is castrated in' and 'the one where everyone only dies once' and while it jogs my memory, I flinch a little and wonder if everyone has this problem. 'the one that's a sequel to that one with the tentacles'. 'the one where one of them is sane and everyone is crazy'.

However, I was thrilled to discover amtdi - aliens made them do it. Let's move that into common acronym usage now? What we really need now is a nice, serious one for the varieties of aphrodisiacs and sex pollen. I've been thinking, and right now, I use sex pollen pretty much for all varieties of drugged but happy sexual contact, but honestly, need a better acronym here. And a good one for people-changing into animals and people changing into stuffed animals, which I think I use transformation for, but honestly, then there's Livia's that fic where Rodney turns into half a replicator and you know, I'd like to keep them all categorized better.

So let's get on that. If we can as a group agree to reduce our fandoms to two and three letter acronyms et al, we can reduce our most fun common tropes into single word and/or acronym descriptions. Like--bob. Where bob always means characters at some point eat apples. Something like that.

ETA: Who wrote and where is the fic where John falls through a wormhole into the future and Rodney is half a replicator?