January 15th, 2007

children of dune - leto 1

some this, some that, frozen trash cans! life interesting

There is ice on the ground--ice! here!--and temperatures dipping below thirty F, and you have to understand, this is Austin. We yawn for 105 F--but ice makes us afraid. We do not understand how the stuff we put in tea on hot days falls from the sky. It's disconcerting.

Also, our trashcans frozen closed--plastic! plastic cans!--and so we feel kind of doomed.

For a chilly day, warm fic.

Summer House, Shore Leave, and Sabbatical by rageprufrock - Sheppard/McKay, Eureka crossover, so painfully hysterical I have to read carefully to avoid injuring my stomach with the laughing.

So hugely fun.

Best part:

"Should you guys even be talking about this?" Jack asked desperately. He felt somewhat responsible, having been coerced by Vincent's threat of being denied coffee henceforth at Diem into telling the whole and unvarnished truth. He may have perhaps said some unflattering things of an editorial nature about McKay buying John's silence and suffering with increasingly sexy cars, which to be honest, Jack wouldn't be averse to.

That? Will never stop being funny.


Randomly, swanswan is a horrific, horrific crack dealer. If you need to ask, just go to her lj. It's *there*.

Totally not my fault.


Because it is a slow, lazy frozen--did I mention trashcans frozen shut? So freaking awesome--was unlazy and htmlized my last two fic. I never update this fast. My webpage is disturbed by all the activity.

For those who hate reading on lj due to the breaks.

The Principle of Exclusion and The Forest People.


And...um. Hmm.