December 27th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

whee! updated!

Oh my God I did it.

And it's only been--a lot of months!

Updated SGA recs with 55 new recs--relatively new, anyway. A even amount of gen and slash, one or two het. Sheppard and McKay/Sheppard centric. New stories are marked. This isn't a complete listing of my rec folder. It's everything I could code before my fingers froze up. But whee! I feel awesome! And you know, in pain.

Marvel here. Why again do I handcode this stuff? My *fingers hurt*.

Also, randomly, updated my webpage to current on my SGA fic here. Nothing that wasn't already in lj already.
children of dune - leto 1

sgafic: the forest people

Title: The Forest People
Author: jenn
Codes: McKay, Sheppard/McKay, Teyla, Ronon
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: none specific
Summary: He can still hear the beat of drums, matching the hard beat of his heart, and catching his breath, Rodney keeps running.
Author Notes: Thanks to svmadelyn for beta, commentary, and suggestions. All my appreciation, chica.
Warnings: Please see cut tag Warnings for warnings.

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children of dune - leto 1

if i were writing mensaverse and it involved sheppard's first time

After a day of shopping at the new Round Rock outlet mall, where bliss was discovered in skirts at seventy-five percent off and boots at sixty, I am in this terrible, horrible, life-threateningly *bad* mood. I even bought a jump drive. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO HATE EVERYTHING WHEN ONE HAS AWESOME BOOTS AND TWO AWESOME SKIRTS? HOW?

*stares* Okay, there is no disease that awesome shoes do not minister to. I actually feel like making up a list of all the things I received via Christmas and post-Christmas shopping for the purposes of raising my mood. That is just sad.

Anyway. In lieu of unleashing my rage on real people, I thought I'd make Rod's life miserable.

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