December 22nd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

sgafic (ish) If I Were Writing a Mensa AU, I'd Totally Do This (But I'm Not)

So. Hmm.

Not Christmasy so much as *chatty*. Okay, first off, it was an AIM convo and one in the morning. So honestly, it was already crack. I just--expanded it.

This is not fic. Well, it's fic, but it's not good fic. It's more trashy crack fic. It's the trailer park cousin of crack fic, the one with two heads that always calls you darlin and never takes baths.

To clarify; chat came first. The rest is--again, *four in the morning*. Freaking John/Wraith seems like an awesome idea at four in the morning.

With input, additions, and mocking by eleveninches, amireal and everagaby.

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