December 21st, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

random christmas ficcyiness

Waffles has acquired a tiny pair of reindeer antlers that he hates so much he actually looked like he might spit. They have tiny lights on the top that lit up bright red. I'm still thinking thoughtfully of the red Santa robe. Hmm.

Tis the season, apparently.


For the random person wandering through in the mood for Christmas stories, my tiny collection:


Happy Little Sounds: Christmas at the Mansion - Logan, Logan/Rogue. Costume smut with added trauma. Or, when I was very, very, very high.


Merry Little Christmas - Lex, Clark/Lex. Trauma by concept of Kent parents. Or, when I was very, very, very bored.

Stargate: Atlantis:

Teacher's Pet: The Christmas Edition - John Sheppard, Rodney McKay. I honestly feel myself slip into a diabetic coma just thinking about it. Tiny John Sheppard at Christmas. Rodney is the weakest link.

Strangerverse: Gingerbread - Sheppard/McKay. Baking cookies.

I find it amusing I have written Christmas stories more in Atlantis than any other fandom. And also all in AU form.

Also, for the terminally bored:


Dealing With the Unexpected - Clark, Lex, Lois, Clark/Lex. *sighs* Okay. Smallville mpreg. I have written mpreg. I can check that off my list. Summary: Being knocked up by Lex Luthor is *awesome*.