December 15th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

So huh

Okay, someone on my flist mentioned the lack of ability to custom filter. They're right, you can't.

Anyone find a way around this yet or figure out where it's located at? I can click "custom" but there's no way to pick your filters.

Huh. Annoying.

Also, for the record: still traumatized, still engaged in heavy drinking, still thinking that the world is a harsh place, still hate this fic so much I want to start it on fire and dance around it naked chanting things. I don't know what things, but I'll surely think ofsomething.

Also, my coworkers are officially on my Give Them Hives With My Mind list. Hives with *peeling*.

ETA: Okay, so it's IE. Now, I'm beginning to feel vaguely persecuted, as not one of these comments appeared in my inbox.

This is totally a day for weapons grade chocolate.