December 12th, 2006

hot toddy

oh woe

The problem with my morning is:

a.) I only slept four hour last night, and least part of that was dreadful nightmares of being at work.

b.) Existence.

c.) A carefully created cup of coffee with ten tablespoons of hot chocolate mixed lovingly into it in my superlarge favorite coffee cup *LEFT BY THE SIDE OF MY BED*.

Do I really need to explain low-grade homocidal tendencies at this point?

And Coke is *not* a substitute. *stares at soda resentfully*

Life hard.

question - your ideal posting time

The client on the phone is taking an inordinately long period of time to find her caseworker's name. So.

I have a question.

When posting to LJ--not just daily entries, but stories, art, vids, meta, etc--what is your ideal time and why? Mornings, fresher, bored at work, midday, nearer lunch, refreshed, afternoon, the midafternoon drag, evening, while watching House or Supernatural et al, or night, when the house is quiet?

I have this weird feeling it means something that I'm most likely to post after 11 PM, but I'm not sure if it's that I don't want attention so fast or it's motivating to wake up to email. Tricky, that.