December 8th, 2006



Among the things accomplished this week.

1.) Humiliating moment in public place where Child declared that his mother had relations with Santa Claus. Supporting evidence includes his first name, his belly, and Mommy's comment that she knows Santa Claus. Which he elucidated at length to those who passed. I am eating chcolate now.

2.) Secret santa gifts received! Thank you! Shaved milk chocolate hot chcolate mix and COOKIES. OH MY GOD COOKIES. COOKIES. I cannot express my love deeply enough. Thank you.

3.) Child's laptop received! With a neat notebook bag for it! Squee!

5.) Meme love!. Okay, very awesomeness there. Thank you to whoever did those, it totally made my night very bright.

5.) Um. Yeah, that's it.

I'm--restless. I'm done with all treatments, all side effects are passed, I'm just tired. I mean, it's a very weird feeling, the undertiredness that's there even when I'm awake. I still have to think when I'm talking for breathing, which is new, but I figure will pass.

An interesting discussion is going on over in sgatlantislight's lj regarding secondary pairings. Some good points are made, though.

It's--weird. I have this meta topic that I want to introduce, but I'm not sure how to do it without either breaking chat room confidentiality or flock, or making this a dramatic interpretation of These Are The Thing I Kneejerk Against, Sorry About That, Avoid the Knee. And the part of me that's not really all that sorry. I don't think me reccing or not oppresses anyone, or stating that I think certain fics most closely match how I feel about a character so I tend to think of them as the best is destroying anyone's soul. If it is, I'm in the get over it place in my life. Seriously. Unless I'm doing a full court bash of a fic, or a writer, I'm not taking that seriously.

And no, this is all in response to way too much meta reading today.

Hmm. If I was going to meta on something, what would any of you like to see? Non-flocked at that.