December 2nd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

sgafic: what I keep and what I carry

Title: What I Keep and What I Carry (Teacher's Pet AU)
Author: jenn
Codes: McKay, Sheppard, Jeanie Miller
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: McKay and Miss Miller, sort of
Summary: She stops wondering how Meredith could do this, why, because she already knows.
Author Notes: svmadelyn for the beta and help with the title. amireal for prereading and nodding.

Mostly, this is proof that boredom and tiredness lead terrible places. AU for Teacher's Pet, set after Teachers' Pet 9, where things didn't work out quite as they should.

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brothers grimm

lists! and memes! and things!

I was staring blankly at the new meme going around--prove your existence! Which you know, would be awesome except I end up friending whoever I meet personally, so that when I finally decide that my fatal illness (still picking one) finally sees me crossing over to the Other Side, they can be easily bribed into silence with a single locked lj post. It's just messy otherwise.

Plus, these people have met me, sure, but can we really count it when there was a.) alcohol involved b.) bondage tape involved c.) vicodin involved or d.) boots involved? So I split up the categories and you can see which one looks the most legitimate.*

*some people qualify in several categories

People I Have Gotten Lost In Major Cities With (Multiple Times):
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People I Have Gotten Lost In (a) Major City, Foreign Country, and or Wal-Mart Parking Lot With (One Time):
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People Who Maybe I Drank Really Awesome Alcohol Around In Random Rooms With (memory may vary):
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People Who Smoked With Me and Explained Vidding in Layman's Terms:
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People I Saw Across the Room and Said OH MY GOD THAT IS THEM and Then We Said Hi and Oh My God Best Day Ever:
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People I Watched Alexander With and Realized There Was No Meaning In Life When a Movie That Bad Could Be Made:
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People Where There Was Food Involved:
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People Where There Was Badfic Involved:
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Okay, but the thing is? I'm just not convinced of certain other people's existence here. So here is my list of people I really want to meet that I WILL CALL SOCKPUPPET ONE DAY, you know, eventually, whatever.



*I accept small denomination 'gifts' in exchange for removing you from the SUSPECTED SOCKPUPPET LIST as giving me money for an LCD 42" TV (ALSO ON MY WISHLIST OMG) is considered validity of your existence. Send C/O svmadelyn.

I have done my fannish duty.

Also, God, LJ, STOP ERRORING OUT OKAY? And whoever sent the lj shamrock? THANK YOU!

*edited to add cuts cause man, this was long.