November 23rd, 2006


Update on the Sick Jenn

*waves* This is svmadelyn just posting a quick update for the lovely, 'hospitalized yesterday with pneumonia in both lungs' seperis. She is in good spirits, all in all, perhaps a bit (okay, a lot) traumatized by not getting a room with a bathroom to herself until today. I'll let her save that story for you. Maybe she'll want to repress further. They also ran some tests to rule out blood clots for the weird leg pain going in, but so far, so good on that front.

BUT. The walls are purple *and* there are adjustable beds. And they're letting Child come eat lunch with her today! OTOH, she has to send John the laptop home at night so I think we all know that that's not helping the healing process.

So anyway, she just wanted me to drop you all a line and let you know she's going to be gone for a bit. Hopefully, they'll let her out of the hospital tomorrow, but she's not precisely certain. If she told you she was going to do something, she'll probably be a bit delayed, but she has promised me that her SV mpreg for undermistletoe will be awesome, and really, I'm feeling nicely assured.

If she's not out by Saturday, I'll be back with details of a chocolate drive that you may all send to my house, and I will only skim 15 percent so we can wish her to get well properly!

Hmm. She doesn't have any good 'bad mood' or 'I'm sick' icons. I guess we're going with Aladdin! John.

....huh. I don't look like a very concerned friend from any of this, do I. So, um. Get well soon, Jenn! Yay Jenn!