November 21st, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


I've changed my music playlist to ones that mention breathing. I won't even tell you what the last scene of Crimes Against Humanity I wrote involved, but hey--physical pain and low grade panic? Do not lead to happy furry places of ficness. Let's just--go with that. I'll probably post tonight or tomorrow morning, since I am just reviewing it now for spelling errors.

Weirdly, this has illustrated a weird point for me on moving--I think I'm going to to have to drop the idea of moving to south Austin, because that will put me *way* outside the range of pretty much my entire family. It's kind of depressing, but, otoh, I can certainly find something up here I like or can live with, and it's not like I'm buying it *today*. I can wait until I find something I want to live in.

In other less interesting new, I really really really am tired of the exhaustion now. I mean, seriously so.

Happy fic rec. Because in all honesty, *happyfic*. I *needed this*>

Vertigo by beadtific, All parts here. Oh *happy*. Blessed, pretty, happy, romantic funness.

For kicks, adding in Pure Bodies and Clean Hearts for the cuddly factor.

Also, likethekoschka has posted two parts of a new fic. Oh, happiness.

Um. Rec me your cuddly fic. Atlantis, John/Rodney. Old or new. There's always a better than good chance that even if I've read it? I'll want to read it again.

ETA: Irish cream added to coffee. Mmm.