November 18th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

bored. God so bored.

Spam Report

The halcyon days of Paris Hilton sex tape and penis enlargement spam seem long over; today, we are trapped with Sam's Health Insurance and random health care spam. That's got to mean something, when sex spam loses out to health spam. Very sad.

Though one weird one tricked me by actually having the pseudonym of a fannish acquaintance. I am bitter.

Note on grocery stores the weekend before Thanksgiving--dear God. Dear, dear God.
children of dune - leto 1

okay, so surreal yes

Okay, so my night is complete.

I am running a fever, am irritable as *shit*, and right now in the living room, Sister's Ex-Husband and Sister's Current Soon To Be Live-In Boyfriend are chatting awkwardly about football!

Both of them! Here! At the same time!

...oh God, they are wishing each other a good night and having fun with the clubbing and what have you. Oh my God.

Seriously, how did this become my life?????
crimes against humanity

sgafic: crimes against humanity 8

Honestly, a fever is the only way I could think this was a good idea.

When we last left our heroes, John got a haircut, Ford gets a hit, Rodney gets to be the good cop, and Elizabeth reevaluates her position on suriviving Atlantis. Yes, it's that time again--Crimes Against Humanity.

Okay, for those who have read only from the webpage, the last part was never posted there because--I really don't know. I think I forgot. Anyway, last posted part is here, under tag here.

This is mostly for ltlj, who has had a not so great week there. I thought some mindless violence and porn might be an appropriate offering. Consider this your warning. Though honestly, if you read this far, there's nothing I can do that could surprise you at this point.

Part 7

Warnings: Please see this entry for series warnings.

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