October 28th, 2006

diva 2

on a saturday afternoon

I had a sort of schedule yesterday. I decided, today? Is my writing day. One thousand words, three hundred minimum devoted to some sort of nude activities.

So far I have:

1.) Looked at the shortcut to Word. Okay, that's a lie. I haven't looked at it at all. But right now, I am thinking about doing so right after this entry.

2.) Watched YouTube. For. You know. Jon Stewart, God help me. God help me.

3.) Made a sandwich. It was frozen, so more accurate, I defrosted a sandwich, and then warmed it up and ate it.

4.) Closed youtube after umpteenth viewing of That Vid.

5.) Looked for new music.

6.) Listened to it.

7.) Thought about the deeper meaning of it.

8.) Read six lj entries for content and style. Read SPN fic. Read SPN RPS fic. Re-read SPN fic I hated the first time around to see if I hated it still. I do. Revelation indeed. Next I'll try this in SV.

9.) Considered my ethical obligation to rec a fic by an author I severely dislike. Considered the fact I was actually thinking in terms of 'ethics' and 'reccing'. Thought I should get out more.

10.) Made chocolate coffee with the cocoa svmadelyn sent me. It's very good.

11.) Read all my mail. Even the credit card offers. Even the thing from SSA.

12.) Looked at my badfic links in my Favorites Folder. Considered doing a word count on this one story. Thought maybe that I couldn't claim insanity.

13.) Resisted the urge to start a sockpuppet army. Cause man, it's not like we don't have really good directions now to do it.

14.) Remembered I'd told Madelyn that the day I snapped I'd do just that, and having her as my biographer would be--wow. Seriously. The convos she has saved. she showed me. One had fifty variations of penis. I totally dare all SV fen to guess what we were talking about.

15.) Started this entry.

Um. So. What are you doing? Hey, is it time for Unpopular Fannish Opinions yet? I'm not sure I have any new ones.

on random

Not exactly ten unpopular fannish opinions, but i'm very, very, very bored. I do not mean the normal bored where svmadelyn defensively pastes badfic into my Trillian window to shut me up, either. That way lies fic where someone gives someone an assbaby and later some people become hermits to avoid seeing anything like that again. Sometimes, we plot revenge against them, long-term and slow over a period of years that they will never see coming. Then with surgical precision we will close the trap around them when they least expect it and then, only then, will they understand how you couldn't crawl out from under your desk for a week and still can't gaze at your own ass without horror.

Ten true public statements we all believe with all our hearts--or do we??????

Notice the excessive use of question marks.

1.) You are perfectly okay with constructive criticism.
LIE: You want to hear good things. Those that do not tell you good things are tasteless barbarians and destined for hell.

2.) You are *fine* with being unfriended and do not take it personally.
LIE: You plot revenge, ask all your fifty closest friends what you did wrong, get despondent, and write goth poetry to your pain. Please. I've seen your notebook.

3.) You are good with everyone else's other pairings.
LIE: Other people's pairings that you don't share are stupid. Logic? What logic? They just *are*.

4.) You never tell friends about controversial locked posts they can't see that you can.
LIE: You totally copy the entire thing, post it in word, and send it to her and all your closest friends. All five hundred of them.

5.) You are above kerfluffles and do not read them.
LIE: You read them, you take sides, you sockpuppet, then you email all your friends and tell them to help out.

6.) You are mature and responsible when you get flames.
LIE: You post it to your LJ and mock the writer, invite others to do so, then compose long entries on their genealogy.

7.) You never mock badfic in private or in private locked LJ posts only shared with a few close friends.
LIE: Oh please. Your entire AIM buddy list, your aunt Margaret, and your best friend from kindergarten have been pasted pieces of this monstrosity so you can share the trauma.

8.) In all fannish arguments, you are the voice of cool, calm logic and reason. You respect other people's right to believe things you do not.
LIE: Are you kidding me? You kerfluffle at the drop of an adjective. People who don't agree with you are stupid. They need to be taught a lesson. And you, with your five hundred closest friends, will administer the spanking!

9.) You do not bother with stat counters on your webpage except to assure you don't go over bandwidth and to make sure that no one is hotlinking.
LIE: You totally check to see what is being read, where they are linking from, and what they're saying about you.

10.) You are fine when there is a locked post by someone you know that you can't see.
LIE: Oh my God, the lie. You find out who this person has friended, whine until they show you, and talk about how much you dislike filters, silently plotting revenge for being excluded.