October 25th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

*rubs hands together* Poll! About Halloween!

I'm trying to think of something Halloween themed to write for--um, well, Halloween. And Stargate. And you know, soothe my immense anguish at the absence of John. Who I dreamed about last night.

God. I'm turning into one of those creepy people, aren't I? Next will be the love poetry and Unbreakable Vows to inanimate objects. I'll just--you know. Try not to compare/contrast there.

Until recently, I never really understood The Addiction of the Poll. They make them so easy to do!

Poll #852933 Halloween!

What Dark Forces Should Atlantis Face?

Evil Ancient Priestesses!
Other -- I have a brilliant idea!

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children of dune - leto 1

OMG JOHN! (the laptop)


A very nice man at PPC called and asked if I wanted repair or replace adn then said the magical words "I have it open in front of me right now". At which time I obsessively called back until i no longer got a busy signal, confirmed replace, and asked, in a tremulous voice--"Can--can I pick him up today?"

Seriously. Tremulous voice here.


So you know, the short term insanity is ended, and I will, God and John willing, be curled up with John today and never let him go again.


SGA zombie fic. That really amazing one, with only John left and Rodney out there somewhere staggering around and eating people. John pov, dark, really creepy. Come on. You have to remember this one.
children of dune - leto 1

halloween theme

Okay, all giddy with joy and all, let's all share horror now. In honor of Halloween, rec your favorite horror fanfics--and by horror, I do not mean the Krycek licks his newborn baby clean or the ones that made us contemplate sporks in more than a theoretical way. If there are enough, I'll divide up by fandom and list them out here--seriously, giddy, I'm glowing! And doing things!. Title, author, fandom, link, rec. If you've written one, pimp it!

Okay, here are two I'm looking for.

1.) Zombies, SGA -- John is the only one left in Atlantis, people are possibly being eaten, Rodney's shambling around outside, John's thinking about giving up.

2.) Vampire AU, SGA -- set during Rising, convo between Vampire!John and Elizabeth. Done for a flashfic challenge, maybe? Within last six-seven months.