October 17th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


Okay, so svmadelyn (and me, yes, fine, I miss having something to do that isn't WiPs) needs a project.

Here is her poll on what on earth she should do with her shiny new domain.

We all know and love svmadelyn. If you are like me, you also save incriminating conversations for the future know that she really really needs to be organizing, or doing something. And I? I have a wonderful history of helping her. And nodding. So. Run over and make a suggestion. A desperately needed archive, something. Seriously. She gets bored, I get bored, tragic things occur to her friends (my friends just block me on AIM and YAHOO). Seriously. Ask us about it. I mean, we can't talk about it--the scars are still healing--but still.

Go go shoo. Madelyn = fun! Huge fun. How often has she been wrong, really? Ask yourself that.

In other words--we are bored. We can only mock badfic for so long before it starts seeming revolutionary and the word 'post-modern' starts being tossed around and you know what? I doubt either of us can safely assume we know what that word *means*? Do you really want me reccing Rodney-marries-Mary-Sue-as-a-metaphor-for-the-deep-manpain-of-his-neglected-childhood-and-Sheppard's-demonic-abuse-of-his-delicate-and-sensitive-person?

*hopeful* Run. Now.