October 3rd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


Okay, so that thing with the sponsored communities on lj_biz is all panic-inducing--I mean, if I could panic right now over things that don't invole Killer Mushrooms sporing outside my window, which was my original journal entry subject. No, really. Killer Sporing Mushrooms. They're freakishly freaky.

But anyway, new subject! Not as relevant to my allergies, but still.

Okay, read--God. Close to every comment in the relevant posts. I will be the first to admit--I am really *bad* at judging future impact with these sorts of things. So. Just with y'all--what are the actual chances that sponsors coming onto these sites will start making things more difficult for fen?

I'm kind of between a.) panic (fun!) b.) denial (um) and c.) do I really need to worry about this in any meaningful way or have six thousand plus comments kind of tilted me toward the panic side of the force?
children of dune - leto 1

on a second pass through lj

So I loaded a whole fleet of my wips into zohowriter to test whether I would actually work on them while not at my laptop, and in a non-Times New Roman font. Okay, immediately I changed to Times New Roman--I have no idea why, but for some reason, Verdana and Arial totally change how I write. Such as, wildly, I decided to sketch the next Strangerverse story, and okay, first, John pov, which is *weird*, and then baking got involved, which on one hand, huh, and on the other, what? I'm still debating whether to use it or not--it needs like, maybe a page to finish off. If I even knew what in the name of God they were doing.

However, nine of my top ten wips are listed here--Landscape isnt' simply because I have it split between files and frankly, that one's problem is more complex than simply general not-feeling-it--but I'm curious if I *can* write porn at work. It's an actual curiosity. I'm in a cubicle that I kind of sort of share with another attached cubicle, and there are people ducking in adn out all the time, and I talk to *clients*. So can I, at any time, suddenly break into 'And then Rodney went down on John hard enough for him to see spots."

Well, yes, I did *here*, but one might hope for a little more detail otherwise.

Plus, let's face it. From that sentence? I'm not feeling 'porn' so much as 'serious physical injury' and 'call Carson now' and 'possible lack of oxygen'. And hey, thought; there should be fic like that. I mean, sex leads to physical injury leads to bizarre misunderstanding, the way only fiction can really pull off.

I have a lot more fun ideas than I will ever have the energy to pull off.

In closing--seriously, giant evil spore mushrooms *outside my window*. What the *heck*? Apparently there are more. I hate non-edible mushrooms.
children of dune - leto 1

webpage update, others stuff

Yes. I really don't have anything better to do. But this is just a general PSA.

SV Slash recs page is fixed with the new http://smallville.slashdom.net addy--theoretically, I knew it was just a find/replace? *shakes head* Yeah. So for anyone who ran in there and promised me death--or you know, sent me email about it--all fixed here.

Second, over the weekend--sort of--coded and uploaded all of Strangerverse and two of the Teacher's Pet that I hadn't already had, including miss_porcupine's Teacher's Pet: Lorne. I kind of debated seprating them onto their own page, but that was just, more typing! So not yet. And frankly, it's fine as is, so. Both can be found in their completion here.

*stares at webpage thoughtfully* Okay. I have always taken a great deal of satisfaction from the fact those pages are as simple as I can make them and still keep them readable. But thought. I've had this design for a few years. Should I change it? And into *what*? I was thinking something trendy yet personal--yellow text on a deep red background, with black accents. And scrolling text! And flashign things! Think bordello meets cyberpunk. y/n?

You can all actually tell I'm in the midst of avoiding something, can't you? Mmm. I'm also thinking that I should make a fulltime change to teh name seperis and be done with it--seriously, thought. Does anyone think of me as jenn or as seperis, if you have not gotten slightly drunk with me, stole the last two inches of my really awesome favorite drink ever, or wondered if I was going ot fall down the stairs in a very ungraceful heap wearing very high boots.

Um. Also, I still want a pony. The really ironic part is, our new intake coordinator *raises tiny horses*. They're like the size of great danes. My bitterness is legion here. You have no idea. Tiny horses!