October 2nd, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

early evening, central standard

Thing the First

I am in that place where I want sections.

Last night--and this is just weird--I dreamed that--I'm *not kidding*--Rodney and Rod decided to like, start a war or something. Against each other. I remember nothing else but this bit where there was this--tunnel thing?--that connected the two realities and, well, *arguing*. I'm kind of pissed, because for a dream concept, that's damned cool, and I'd like details, dammit.

OTOH, it did make me wonder, in the early hours of the morning, what in the name of God Rodney would *do*. I'm thinking bomb Rod's lab while Rod's doing whatever he does with the Athosians. I mean, that's what I'd do, since I carry residual Rod-rage--okay, that really is funny if you say it out loud. But I am cruel.

But still. A Rodney versus Rod war! How cool is *that*?

Thing the Second

In far less intersting news--and that's saying something--I started playing with zohowriter. The thing is, I write in a very specific way--in Word, Times New Roman 12, regular margin. So writing in zoho is, to say the least, a little disorienting. I got around thirteen hundred words done and then stared at it, because it doesn't feel as much like me as MS Word. I'm actually aware how weird that sounds. But it took the story I was writing in a direction I'm not sure I was actually planning to go. It's like that second in Teacher's Pet where I realized that I could totally go to the dark side and torture an eight year old. It was very wrong. And yet oh so right.

Thing the Third: Waffles

Mr. Waffles somehow managed to leap from his penthouse to the bottom floor of teh cage. I have no idea how this happened, but when I finally got up, I see rabbits in motion--and in retrospect, they'd been fighting for a while by then--with Waffles leaping bravely to the floor level and cowering in a corner. I grabbed him up and held him in my lap while he shook and *shook* and checked him over for injury--but seriously. It was really freaky. Waffles allows cuddling but does not welcome it. This? Was welcoming it.

Anyway, just fed them their nightly salad and trying to mix in more rabbit food for the additional vitamins into their diet. I get they need a natural as possible diet, but reading the vitamin content on the last bag I picked up for emergencies is encouraging me to supplement with some of it. Just to be sure.

Thing the Fourth

You've got to be kidding. My life isn't that interesting.