August 30th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1


Child brought home flyer from school regarding The Much Discussed Turkish Language class. Right now he's in Spanish class and being hideously adorable massacreing the Spanish language. I'm helping him to totally learn nothing at all.

Also, endless fun of yelling commands at each other. LEVANTASE! SIENTESE! Seriously. You cannot have more fun than that. Child fell over giggling after the last of 'venga aqui, poco brat' bit. Also, quiero un pony. Cause I do not know what pony is in Spanish, which is one of three phrases that sends him into giggles and I don't know why. Of course, this is the kid who wnated to name the class goldfish tutankamon. Sadly, it was named Morris.

Grr. Seriously. Morris.

Anyway, Turkish language class. It replaces Spanish in the curriculum, but seriously, the *perks*. Field trips to the Turkish cultural center. Food. God, food. Tickets to some thing this spring. Food. Enrichment activities and after school club. Did I mention the promises of food?

I feel like enrolling there. Okay, when I was in elementary school, they did not bribe us with food, okay? Just saying.

Anyway, being me, I left it up to him, though I figured what answer he'd choose--I mean, seriously, Spanish class is not offering field trips and feasts, okay? Nor the exotic of a non-North American country. OTOH, I can't of anything more impractical unless it was like, Swahili. We live in Texas for God's sake.

OTOH, so cool. I gotta side with him on this; he has the rest of his life to be practical. Awesome.

**correction of spelling of sit down, sientese, by on_the_ground. How *does* one do special characters anyway?
children of dune - leto 1

huh and cool

BSKX 3020 Beginning Medieval Riding (12.0 hours/$120.00/$3.50 Insurance)
Learn to do battle on horseback! Students must have walk/trot experience. Course will cover lance, arrows, and sword work. Students may bring their own horse. Class will visit jousting tournament during course.

Seriously. This is an actual class.

And you don't even have to bring your own horse.

Made. Of. Cool. Seriously. Should I take this?
children of dune - leto 1

this is actually happening

So I am listening to Michelle Branch's Goodbye to You and connecting on a previously unknown level with it.

I've decided this is my John/Wraith song.

I'm quite aware this is a sign of an impending mental breakdown, but I just went through my library and realized that Avril Lavigne--Avril Lavigne! has sung their anthem, My Happy Ending. I've also added it to my current active playlist. I have never hated myself more.