August 29th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

thought of the day

So about this water falling from the sky thing--is this normal? Also noted: when walking outside, my shoes did not try to melt off my feet.

Curious. One might think to themselves, you mean, central Texas isn't a deathtrap trying to kill us all by cooking us to death? I marvel.

Seriously. There's like, *thunder*. I have never been more excited at the thought of traipsing through mud puddles in my life.
children of dune - leto 1

very abbreviated, fast and dirty con almost-report

I've given up thinking I"m going to ever do a con report for VVC. However, I'd like to share some basic impressions received during my five days in Chicago. (with input from svmadelyn)

Big thing: me and amireal did not hate each other on sight, as both of us half-expected. Also, I have never seen a laptop to fangirl ratio like this before in my life. Met djinanna who I accidentally stood up for lunch due to evil weather and planes, but we got to talk in the lobby for *much time* and it was *marvelous*.


amireal: but then it looks like we didn't interact at all!

Jenn's Notes: We interacted *a lot*.

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