August 19th, 2006

children of dune - leto 1

morning mmm

A lot of personal happiness in fandom can be assured by really *good* filters and never looking directly at the newsletter's episode review section. Though now that the warnings debates have passed, I can say truthfully that if we could adopt a standard of warnings for episode reviews? I would not object.

1.) McKay Unfriendly (acronym: MU) - he reminds me of that guy in work that totally fucked up my presentation, and right, there's no actual resemblance but I'm projecting here! And no matter what he does in this ep? It sucks because he sucks and should die die die and then eat a lemon, and this time a real one! Look! Mean to everyone! Kill him!

2.) Sheppard Unfriendly (acronym: SU) - he reminds me of that football player in high school that used to stuff me in the locker. Well, no, I have no proof he was anythinglike that guy, but I totally need to project here and get over my teen trauma! So everything he does in this ep is obviously wrong adn evil and meant to keep Rodney down! Bastard!

3.) Anyone But McKay/Sheppard Unfriendly (GAY) (Gave up on acronyms) - Wait. This isn't a gay space pirate show? Sure it is! THey just keep forgetting and doing other shit. Quit that!

4.) Show Unfriendly (STUPID) - I am watching this specifically to unload my vitriolic hatred on an unsuspecting population. For. Every. Episode.


You know, I need to do a count, but I think we're near a hundred stories called and a lot finished. ther'es still--er--six weeks until the end fo the challenge. I sort of didn't expect everyone jumping-to. Huh. Nice.


Staring at anything in my WIP folder over twenty thousand words makes me morose. I really just want to snippet randomly and drink a lot of coffee. So. Offering up Strangerverse if you are following it--anything particular you want to see? Besides Sheppard/AUMcKay sex, cause right now that would be traumaizing. For me, I mean. Orgasms are always good. I just have this horrible suspicion my inner-twelve-year old would break free and have them crying during profoundly good anal sex.

But snippets! Maybe working outside my own head would help.

Also, Mr. Waffles sprayed me again. No matter how many times I'm told this is a sign of affection? I'm wondering.
children of dune - leto 1


To get myself in the mood, I'm listening to lots of Lennon, The Calling, and to really get into the romantic girly mood of maximum schmoop, boybands! I should add in some Alanis there.

Okay, for a fic, questions for the flist.

1.) A very cool military helicopter that Jack would take John joyriding in.

2.) SG1 season information: what season did the SGC formally align with the Asgaard? When were the NID introduced and found to be scary? Related to--who heads up the sciences at the SGC? Do they have one overall or only department heads per division or what? This is stuff I feel I should know and do not.

3.) Um, I might have more later. Working inside the SG1 universe is not easy.