August 7th, 2006


there are some things you just don't read about in newspapers

Sometimes, there is a very real feeling that clients, when they call, translate you saying:

"I cannot help you, but here is the number of someone who can."


"I could help you, but I am evil and mock your pain. Instead, I will make you call a useless person while I laugh hysterically, waiting for the next victim caller."

You'd be amazed how often two is closer to correct than one. Mostly because it has come to my attention that my theoretical, mostly-sure-I-hated-humans thing is now moving into *working theory*. Okay, two is not completely accurate--at this point, I'm thinking of petitioning to have my caseworker privileges restored *just* to be able to fix incredibly, monumentally, *epically* stupid mistakes and problems in cases.

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